Three Oaks Engineering

We can provide the detailed studies needed to fully understand the potential impacts of each project and develop public engagement programs specifically tailored to client needs.

​​A sample of services includes:

  • Travel Demand Forecasting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Access Management and Planning
  • Small Area Studies
  • Corridor Planning
  • Rail crossing improvement and coordination

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Three Oaks provides analysis and simulation of projects ranging from simple lane additions to complex arterial and interchange projects.  We use simulation packages such as TransModeler and Synchro to provide various measures of effectiveness to help planners and decision makers chose the best options based on their specific needs.  A summary of our capabilities includes:

  • Interchange Access Reports (IAR) 
  • Safety audits, fatality investigations, and crash analyses
  • Corridor Analyses
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Intersection Improvement Studies
  • Signal Analysis
  • Access Management
  • Coordination with railroad projects
  • Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)

Municipal Engineering

Three Oaks can assist Planning Directors, City Engineers, Planning Boards, and Councils in reviewing and evaluating projects in their areas.  We have both Professional Engineers and Certified Planners that understand the issues and constraints faced by local governments.  We also have permitting specialists who are able to assist with permit application review, compliance, monitoring, and coordination with state and federal agencies.

We can assist local governments with:

  • Traffic Impact Study development and review
  • Planning and Zoning Board, Council, and public presentations
  • Railroad coordination
  • Transportation Plan update and development
  • Unified Development Ordinance update and development
  • Coordination of transportation projects both with internal departments and with State and federal agencies

The planning of transportation projects, whether improvements to existing facilities or development of new ones, requires an understanding of the potential for environmental impacts and induced benefits. 

Three Oaks works with designers to provide preliminary/feasibility analyses to identify potential issues in conceptual and project development. We also work with design teams to minimize or avoid impacts.  Our experience includes road widening, addition of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, development of new roads and rail lines, and evaluation of multi-modal corridors. 

Transportation Planning

At Three Oaks Engineering, client relationships and satisfaction are our number one priority. We work to anticipate the needs of our client by listening, researching, and staying on top of the latest trends in the transportation engineering field. Three Oaks works diligently and efficiently to provide all the information that decision makers need in the public of private sector. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us easily translate techniques and skills into practice.