Managing natural resources throughout the design and construction of development projects requires a thorough understanding of ever changing environmental regulations. We pride ourselves on devising methodologies and developing solutions that result in successful development projects that also protect our natural resources.

Three Oaks Engineering personnel have provided surveys for the following species:

  • Plants

  • ​Birds​

  • Bats

  • Freshwater and anadromous fish

  • Freshwater mussels

  • Aquatic salamanders

  • Crayfish

  • Butterflies

  • Dragonflies

  • Salamanders

  • Snails

  • Small mammals

Having such a large and diverse staff is what allows us to provide such a suite of services.  But just as importantly, our professionalism and experience is expected and accepted by the Environmental Agencies.  Such a reputation is earned through years of hard work.

Natural Resources Investigations

Three Oaks Engineering has experience in surveying for a multitude of species throughout the Southeast.

Three Oaks Engineering