Three Oaks Engineering has a team of full-time experienced biologists available to conduct bat survey work. 

Project Manager Key Experience Highlights

  • US 74 survey for Indiana bats, Graham County, NC
  • Joe Brown Road survey for Indiana bats, Cherokee County, NC
  • Croatan Mitigation Bank survey for southeastern bats, Craven County, NC
  • Needmore Road survey for Indiana bats, Swain County, NC
  • NC 105 survey for Virginia big-eared bats, Avery & Watauga counties, NC
  • NC 215 survey for small-footed & northern long-eared bats, Transylvania County, NC
  • Species assessment with African Bat Conservation, Liwonde National Park, Malawi​​

Endangered Bat Survey Services

Our Project Manager for bat surveys, Mary Frazer, has more than a decade of experience in this field and previously worked at the NC Department of Transportation where she conducted bat surveys, acoustic analyses, and consultations with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

She assisted with bat surveys conducted by multiple organizations and agencies, and was part of the interagency team that developed a programmatic biological assessment to address the potential effects that NCDOT projects may have on the northern long-eared bat in eastern North Carolina. 

Three Oaks Engineering

Three Oaks Engineering is federally permitted ​by ​US Fish & Wildlife Service for work with:

  • Indiana bats
  • Northern long-eared bats
  • Gray bats
  • Virginia big-eared bats


  • Mist Netting
  • Transmitter application
  • Radio telemetry
  • Roost/hibernacula surveys
  • Biological assessments (BAs)
  • Acoustic monitoring
  • Acoustic analysis